Crankcase Ventilation Mod

After 17 years of making the CCV Mod I'm finally having to call it quits. As of right now my health has declined to the point that making the mods is almost impossible. If this changes in the future I will post it here first. I would like to thank the almost 3,000 customers since 2003 that have purchased my CCV Mod. It's been a good run and I wish y'all the best. God Bless NCHornet

All of the Powerstrokes Diesel engines vent the crank case vent directly into the intake. This oil collects and saturates the intake boots and eventually drip into the valley and down the back of the engine making you think you have a rear main leaking. Not only this but the oily boost blow off at higher boost levels and can be a real pain to reseal. If you have ever been in a truck when a boot let go you would not want it to happen to you again! This mod eliminates this mess and problems.

There are many versions to the CCV Mod, one is running the hose to a bung welded on the exhaust, this isn't recommended and can cause your Powerstroke to turn into a oil fountain. Another popular version is to simply run a hose out the back of the truck. This creates a mess when the oil begins to drip out the end of the hose not to mention the fowl odor that comes from this hose. Don't forget in cold climates the moist air will look like smoke. Nothing like having people tell you at every red light that your truck is on fire. I sell more of my mods to people who have tried the DIY version and were not happy at all. Technically the CCV is part of the emissions systems on our trucks and altering the flow of air is illegal. It is only a matter of time before emission testing is required on diesels. NCHornet's version doesn't alter the factory flow of air, it simply reroutes the air, cleans it, and returns it to the factory location on the intake. It is by far the best CCV mod I have found and I run it on my personal truck. Over a 1600 trucks all over the world have used my mod since early 2003. It does exactly what I say it will do and do it correctly.

So if you are tired of those oily, nasty intake boots, do something to eliminate the mess for good. The kit includes the collection canister, custom mounting bracket, necessary barbed fittings, and step by step directions. Because of the wide variety of hoses available we are letting each customer select their own hose. You will need 10-16 ft of 5/8" ID hose depending on where you install the canister. If you would like further info on this mod contact me at

Please don't contact us regarding a photo of the product. In order to keep prices as low as possible I have refrained from having molds made for blow mold injection machines. Others have directly stolen my hard work and have spent the money to have these molds made. That is why they are asking $300 plus for their version of my mod. I personally build each unit personally, I also stand behind what I produce. If my mod didn't work, or was a rip off you wouldn't read the good things that you do about it and I sure wouldn't be selling them like we are. No I am not getting rich, but the sales of these have allowed me to afford some extremely expensive medications that I require to live each day. Not looking for pity, just being honest with you. If not having a photo bothers you that much than go invent your own product and put the time and money into this and see how it feels to have someone directly steal your idea and claim it for their own. I also ask all of my customers to please refrain from posting photos on the internet and a big THANK YOU goes out to all of my past customers who have honored my wishes. I think when you receive the mod you will understand my wishes. If you like my mod please tell others, if you don't please tell me and we will discuss your issues. I have also been in the process of applying for a patent, but it is extremely expensive and a slow go. My CCV Mod will work on all 7.3, 6.0 and 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel Engines.

If you have any questions at all you can reach me at I have been helping folks on diesel forums for years and I am not going any where.


    Q: What is the CCV Mod and why do I need it?
    A: All diesel engines have a vent for the crankcase. Some will vent to atmosphere, others will vent back into the engine itself, Ford vents theirs into the intake on all the Powerstroke Diesel engines. All of this oil is carried into the intake plumbing which saturates the intake boots in oil. This can cause intake boots to blow loose at higher boost levels. If you have ever been in a truck when these blow loose you would never want it to happen again. This oil will also saturate the boots and allow them to drip into the engine valley and down the back of the block making you believe you have a rear main seal going out. At the very least you will be robbed of needed boost when the oily boots fail to seal properly. The CCV Mod keeps this oil out of the intake plumbing and allows you to drain the collected oil off at a later date.

    Q: Is there more than one way to do the CCV Mod?
    A: Yes, but there is only one right way to perform it and still be Emissions compliant. On the Ford's many will opt to vent to atmosphere, this creates a mess on the ground as well as under the truck, not to mention the foul odor it releases. Plus in the Winter people think the moist vapor pouring out the bottom of your truck is actually smoke and want to tell you that your truck is on fire. Another idea was to vent the CCV to the exhaust where the hot gasses would burn the oil vapors off. To be honest with you this is how I first approached doing the CCV Mod. The Powerstrokes are extremely sensitive to back pressure, and if the bung on the exhaust wasn't welded at the exact right location, at exactly the correct angle it would create large amounts of back pressure on the crankcase and cause your Powerstroke to hemorrhage engine oil. If this wasn't enough it turned out that the " sweet spot " was different from one truck to another, so it was on to a better design.

    Q: Is your CCV Mod difficult to install?
    A: No, simple hand tools and about an hours worth of time and it will be done and ready for the road. If you can change your own oil you can easily install this mod.

    Q: Is this mod Emissions compliant in all states?
    A: Yes, in order to be emissions compliant you cannot alter the factory flow of air coming out of the CCV . The factory flow of air has not been changed, it has simply been re routed, cleaned, and then returned to the same factory location on the intake. The oil is collected in the collection canister where it can be drained off at a later time. Please understand that many of my customers choose to vent to atmosphere after the canister, but in order to be emission's compliant I must give the instructions to return to the factory location on the intake plumbing. My truck has been plumbed in this closed looped system since early 2003 and it works fantastic once you remove all the oil from entering the system.

    Q: Will your mod work on other vehicles besides the Ford Powerstrokes?
    A: Yes, although it was specifically designed for the Powerstrokes, my mod can be altered to work on any engine that uses a crankcase vent, gas or diesel. However currently my instructions are given for the 7.3, 6.0 AND 6.4 Powerstroke engine.Please make sure when ordering that you select the correct engine type for your truck. I am very interested in writing a set of instructions to cover the Cummin's diesel and the Duramax diesels as well. If you have one of these models and would be interested in working with me to make this happen as well as receive a unit at a reduced cost please contact me to make arrangements.

    Q: Is there a filter media that needs to be replaced or other maintenance to the mod?
    A: No the filter media never needs to be changed. Mine has been on my truck untouched since early 2003 and many of my early units have several hundred thousand miles on them with zero issues. Only other maintenance was in the early years it was recommended to use 3/4" Heater Hose to plumb the unit. This was because it was affordable and easy to route. However the oil in the supply line will break down the side walls of the hose. But now Lowes and Home Depot sell a hose that I highly recommend, details will be given in the instructions, it never needs to be changed. I have been running it for two years now and it has held up fantastic.

    Q: Will your mod void my warranty?
    A: No, but unless this is your first new car you already know that the shop manager at each dealership can make decisions totally opposite as the dealer down the road. They can reach me at any time they need to in order to discuss the details of what is actually happening. In the past when customers explain to the manager that we have not changed the flow of air into the intake, we have simply rerouted it, cleaned the air, and then return it to the factory location that is all that needs to be said. To of my largest customers are Ford shop managers who have seen my product on a customers truck and installed one on their truck. Then they recommend them to all their customers. I have one shop manager that I know has personally recommended over 75 of my CCV Mods to their customers who purchased from me as well. I am sure the actual number is much higher. In the end Ford cannot deny a claim because of any modification unless they can prove the modification was the cause of the failure. I can promise you that this will never happen while running my CCV Mod.

    Q: Is your mod well proven to work?
    A: Fair question, and the answer is YES it is. I never dreamed of selling my CCV Mod when I first installed it on my truck in early 2003. I have since sold well over 1,600 units to all corners of the world. If I didn't believe it was the very best CCV Mod it sure wouldn't be on my truck, and I sure as heck would not be selling them to my friends on all the diesel forums. It simply does exactly what I say it does, and it does it well.

    Q: Can we contact you if we have further questions?
    A: Yes, you can email me directly at and I will be happy to help you all I can.

Update 1-26-2020 I will be closed for about 8 weeks. When I can resume making the ccvmod units I will update the order section. Thank you for your business and I'm sorry for the delays.

Customer Reviews

    Author: Ross

    I bought this from NCHornet a while ago and got it installed in February. After driving 5,000 miles and still seeing a clean engine I took my intercooler pipes off and there is no more oil in them either! I went and drained the filter and was amazed at how much oil came out. This works great and is super easy to install. Definitely recommended for anyone wanting a cleaner engine compartments and no oil in your intercooler and piping.
    Author: Andrew

    I installed mine when the the truck had about 175k on it and it has kept my boots clean ever since. It has really worked wonders!!! I would highly recommend this mod to everybody that likes a cleaner engine. It also has helped keep my intercooler boots from blowing off!! Great instructions for the install as well. Overall just a great product!
    Author: Chuck

    I couldn't be happier with the quality product and ease of installation. The install instructions are simple and straight forward, no guessing about how to do any of it.
    Author: Mike

    I have been running the CCV mod for 150,000 miles now. It is a nice clean install and has kept the oil from ruining my intercooler boots. Using this system keeps the fumes from entering the atmosphere. I recommend the mod.